Bills Foundation, Sabers Foundation + PSE Collaborate to Support Buffalo’s June 19th Celebration


Buffalo is home to one of the largest June 19th celebrations in the country.

The Bills and Sabers and Pegula Sports and Entertainment foundations have made efforts to transform one of the festival’s newest facilities.

The Agriculture Pavilion was introduced during the June 19 celebration in 2019 and it is a space that offers hands-on educational presentations and resources related to current practices and careers in agriculture. The pavilion was set up to also provide access to information regarding food access and connect visitors to the pavilion with people doing agriculture-related work in the community. The pavilion will be open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. as well as on Saturday June 18 and Sunday June 19.

Together, the Bills and Sabers foundations made a combined gift of $6,000 to support the farm pavilion. The funds purchased pots, planters, information brochures, materials for different activity stations, Garden-in-a-Bag items, large banners and signs to be reused each year , And much more.

It was important to PSE staff that the banners and signage were detailed, colorful and drew people to the space.

“We were looking to showcase a bit of everything,” said Chelsea Kowalik, graphic designer at PSE. “It’s for the agricultural pavilion at the Juneteenth Festival. We focused on how to get exposure there, and how to get people to walk away and be educated and informed. And most of all, feel good in the space they’re in and feel like it’s a really celebratory space for the black farming community and the Buffalo community.

“I drew it by hand because I really wanted it to have an earthy feel. When you’re in farming and gardening, you’re in the dirt and your hands get dirty. I wanted that the logo looks like it was hand drawn and not just this piece of digital art that someone created and didn’t really spend time creating.”


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