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The beauty of a garden is that it is alive. The downside is that it keeps growing – and needs a haircut every now and then. But one tool doesn’t cut everything – there are different cutters for different jobs.

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Anvils cut much the same way as a knife on a cutting board – the blade is pushed through the material on the anvil, crushing soft tissue and damaging your plants. The main function of an anvil is to cut dead wood, but bypass pruners can do this job as well. Bypass pruners work like scissors and won’t crush your plant material. You can also use them to cut grass or dead flowers, although the shears give you more agility.


TRICK – These might be the smallest tools in your box, so they’re the easiest to leave in the garden when you get inside. Get yourself a pouch for your belt and they will be by your side forever!


Telescopic pruner

The serrated blade or the pruning shears at the end of the pole allow you to reach branches over 3m high. Use the cord either to activate the cut or to reduce the pull distance for each cut. Curved blades help you grip the branch. Straight blades tend to slip.

Lawn shears

With these tools, the handles are angled to the blades, making it easy to cut or cut grass where your mower is difficult to fit. You can get long or short handles, depending on your garden layout and obstacles.


Use long-handled loppers to prune the parts of plants that are above your head. Powerful blades cut branches and vines over 6cm thick. The curved blades allow you to have a better grip on the branches.

Topiary shears

When pruning topiaries, you need a steady hand so that you don’t inadvertently destroy the shape. Topiary shears are spring loaded to open automatically and you must deliberately apply force to make a cut.

Usage tips

  • Try before you buy tools for two reasons. First of all, to make sure they have a comfortable weight, especially if you raise your arms to cut. Second, to ensure the handles fit comfortably in your grip, as our hands are all different sizes.
  • Clean them after use, as dirty tools can spread pests and diseases. Keep them oiled and sharp for better long-term performance.
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