Beast of Fife who brutally raped elderly woman later asked cops if he would ‘end up in the news’


A MASKED sex abuser brutally raped an elderly woman in her home, then later asked the police if he would end up making headlines.

Kyle McKenzie broke into the 83-year-old’s house late that night and told the victim as she lay in her bed, “Don’t scream, don’t resist.


Kyle McKenzie Tells Cops “Rape Allegation? This Will Ruin Me” After Raping A PAOCredit: Le Soleil

A judge heard how OLHI – who had a pacemaker – bravely tried to push McKenzie away.

But, after subjecting the woman to a heart-wrenching ordeal, the 23-year-old escaped through a window on the property in Glenrothes, Fife.

The widow managed to press her personal security alarm and, in a tearful appeal, told a worker: “I just got raped. Please – hurry up, hurry up.

It was about a fortnight later before McKenzie was found.

He also appeared to break into the home of an elderly couple shortly before the sexual assault on June 25 last year.

After being charged, McKenzie told police: “Allegation of rape? It will ruin me.

“Will the newspapers know my name?” “

He pleaded guilty to rape and burglary charges.

Prosecutor Graeme Jessop explained that the victim was partially deaf, registered as disabled and lived alone in her home.

At around 5 a.m., she was awakened by her bed covers pulled from her body.

McKenzie had used a boulder to help him reach a window to enter.

Mr. Jessop: “She observed a man in black clothes and a balaclava while brandishing a garden tool.

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“He continued to remove the blankets from the woman, who got scared and started to resist.

“She grabbed his hand containing the weed tool and found he was wearing rubber gloves.

“She started to fight with McKenzie and was hit on the head several times.”

The woman found herself on the ground at one point and begged the assailant, “You are going to kill me.”

He then raped the retiree, who eventually managed to set off her security alarm.

Mr. Jessop: “She describes ‘not being in this world’ for several minutes. “

It is believed that McKenzie was frightened by the sound of the alarm and fled the scene.


A counselor from the Fife Council Community Alarm Team managed to speak to the victim, who asked for help.

The woman was found to be “distressed, shocked and confused” when the police first encountered her.

She had suffered a number of bruises as a result of her ordeal.

DNA then linked McKenzie to the sickening crime.

The sole pattern of his Adidas sneakers also matched a shoe brand found under the victim’s bedroom window.

McKenzie was remanded in custody by Judge Lord Boyd and is due to be sentenced on December 20 in Edinburgh.

The Channel 4 Rape: Who’s On Trial program follows Somerset and Avon Police as they prepare to arrest a suspect at his home

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