Asylum seekers volunteer to transform Mind in Furness wellness garden


A TEAM from a mental health charity welcomed volunteers from all walks of life to help prepare their wellness garden for planting.

National mental health charity Mind has chosen the Furness branch to be the proud recipients of the ‘Mind Garden’, which was displayed at the Chelsea Flower Show as part of Project Giving Back.

Planting is currently underway after digging and leveling the plot of land and volunteers from the area have been hard at work preparing it.

Volunteers help prepare mental health charity garden for planting

Among the first to offer were temporary visitors from Iran, Ethiopia and Eritrea who were joined by neighbours, people who attend Mind in Furness, Love Barrow Families, a group of dads, local councilors and volunteers from Furness Young Labour.

Michael Cassells, a community engagement officer at Mind in Furness, said: “Mind in Furness welcomes volunteers from all walks of life and wants our garden to be a place to come together.

“Some of the first people to offer to help take care of the Mind Garden were young men new to Barrow. Asylum seekers are prohibited from doing paid work or receiving benefits. Volunteering is a great way to ‘improve your own mental health by helping others and staying active.’

The Mail: Neighbors and local councilors help prepare the Mind in Furness garden for planting Neighbors and local councilors help prepare the Mind in Furness garden for planting

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“We have also helped local residents clean up their lane. It is great that our garden has encouraged our neighbors to improve their neighborhood.

“Please contact us if you or your organization would like to participate in our many gardening and conservation eco-projects. Thank you to everyone who has helped.”

A 24-year-old Iranian volunteer said: “We volunteered to help develop the urban space through the little garden that Mind in Furness built, and secondly, to be able to change the way people look and think. people towards foreigners and refugees.

“I hope it made people know us better and that the only thing that matters is humanity and helping human life.”


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