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The pandemic gave birth to new words like “workcation”. It is the combination of work and vacation, where professionalism is observed while breathing in the coolest breezes. It’s like bringing the meeting room or your office to the beach or resort.

Working from home is a far cry from working from home because, as a friend told me, “you are also exhausted working from home”. Over a year of WFH can also be taxing. For many, decision-making processes can be hampered or creativity can be blocked when worrying about the virus and deadlines.

After so many months of staying alive, we also think we deserve a break. So towards a paradise we hasten to go if only to change the environment or to renew its creative juice which dries up. Exercise is good for maintaining mental health – and mental health is paramount for productivity at work.

Workcation works from paradise. Some of the people I know who work in the office or BPOs in Manila are at the beach. They follow all security protocols and are armed with laptops and pocket-sized 4G Wi-Fi. Near the beach, they do their work, their toes sunk in the sand, their gaze turned towards the setting sun. There is fire in their hearts and fire in the sky. At the end of the day, the job is done – with a tan.

YouTube celebrity sensation Mikey Bustos loves the workcation at Sonya’s Garden, where he can chill out his mind, body and spirit.

But for those who wish to experience the soothing, calming breeze of a hill station, they could experience it at Sonya’s Garden, where each of the 22 cottages and several of its gardens are equipped with powerful Wi-Fi. Fi.

“Sonya’s Bed & Breakfast is your safe and heavenly escape from the monotony of the WFH,” says Sonya Garcia, “The Royal Innkeeper” at Sonya’s Garden. “In a time of ‘workcation’ where the office is taken to a desired destination to merge work and vacation, we offer you an irresistible experience.

As a regular at Sonya’s Garden, I know for a fact that the cottages in this paradise are built for social distancing – long before social distancing became a household term. Not only are they separate, but they are also separated – and connected – by beautiful gardens.

You can benefit from a weekly or monthly workcation at a special rate per person. The setup includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner and two snacks in between. Laundry service is free, as is the buko you sip before swimming in the natural pools at Sonya’s Healing Haven and Sonya’s Secret Haven. (I heard that Wi-Fi is being set up in the two natural pools at Kaytuhod and Sinaliw in Alfonso, which are a 20-minute drive from the B&B.) An American couple even booked a stay of nine months. for healing and well-being. They just loved it.

With powerful Wi-Fi at Sonya’s Bed & Breakfast, working is a snap, whether in the lush gardens or in the cozy cottages. Working from paradise, as award-winning journalist Bum D. Tenorio Jr. experienced for two weeks before the ECQ, is “both a blessing and a happiness, a paradise and a haven of peace,” as he said. writes his stories by the waterfalls near his cottage, or as he does his interviews via Zoom amid a greenhouse of lollo rosa, romaine, kale and arugula at Sonya’s Lifestyle Haven.

Award-winning columnist Büm Tenorio Jr. combines his work with a wonderful vacation mode for two weeks in Sonya’s garden.

You become more prolific when you work in Heaven. That’s according to YouTube celebrity Mikey Bustos, who, along with his partner, RJ Garcia, has been in workstation mode at Sonya’s Garden for months now. They were “locked up” in Sonya’s Garden long before the new ECQ was implemented.

“I have been hearing about the famous Sonya’s Garden for many years and my partner and I were looking for a great place where we could relax, be with nature and most of all bring our dogs, who are like our children. After our first stay in one of the very cute and welcoming cottages, we fell in love with Sonya’s Garden, ”explains Mikey.

He adds: “What I love about my stay at Sonya’s Garden is the way I feel like I am decompressing at all the key levels of being: mind, body and spirit. . I like the peace and quiet here, very conducive to meditation. We eat organic and healthy meals, and being in the midst of nature cleanses the soul. I also like to have a massage and listen to all the sounds of birds and animals all around. It’s the perfect place for productivity, inspiration and work! “

Mikey says he knows how toxic an office or cubicle in a work building can be, “but I assure you that if you can work remotely, Sonya’s Garden will feel like working in Heaven. When I edit videos here at Sonya’s Garden, the work passes like a breath. The work is almost effortless and, in a strange way, relaxing. I also feel that way working out here and exercising here (I brought my dumbbells and workout to the YouTube fitness videos). It’s like effortless work, regardless of the type of work, ”explains the famous vlogger. “The staff are extremely friendly, well trained and safe. You sleep in a beautifully decorated cottage with an Old English-Pinoy hybrid feel, with vintage stained glass mixed with capiz windows, lamps, chandeliers, beds with the whitest linens ever, hand-carved furniture, various fragrant herbs hanging everywhere, fresh plants and flowers in pots and vintage books. The living areas are airy and there are plenty of windows to look at the rainforest and the garden outside.

He continues: “The food is spectacular! Each meal is a culinary surprise, serving a variety of foods, often from different countries. Here, I ate Japanese, Thai, Italian, Filipino, and American. All the products are fresh and organic. Besides the classic pasta menu, they serve steak, lamb chops, chicken, pork, fish and seafood, a variety of vegetables, mushrooms of all kinds and delicious fresh fruit.

“There are many places with a wide range of different moods in Sonya’s Garden, where you can sit down to work. I like to work right by the window of my observation deck, which faces a lush forest. I am also a bird fanatic and have seen beautiful species of birds reveal themselves to say hello to me while I work.

“Sonya’s Garden also offers premium massages / treatments, river and spring swimming, various master classes (I took the amazing three day B&B master class and highly recommend it). They have a lot of goodies in their bakery and also sell several eco-friendly products that I obsess over. I love their lavender soap, shampoo bar and scent conditioner. I could go on and on, but I’ll leave the remaining details to you to find out when you stay here, ”says Mikey.

Sonya’s garden in Alfonso, Cavite, is now under MECQ and as soon as guests are allowed to stay at the B&B, work mode will resume. The restaurants, however, are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Live your work at Sonya’s Garden and let the gentle breeze, the cacophony of cicadas and the symphony of birds join you on your most productive day at work, er, vacation.

Sonya’s Garden also accepts long-term guests in cottages with their own kitchenettes where you can even cook your own meals. To find out about workstation availability at Sonya’s Bed & Breakfast, call 0917-533-5140 or 0917-503-1080.

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