5 smart tips for leveling your garden


Our final solution to leveling your uneven yard is to use the chalk line (via About mechanics). This is another old method that has proven to be effective and a better option for you, especially when your garden is quite large. Although they are very affordable, you need to prepare ahead of time to get the desired results, says Johnson level and tool. For this process you will need a tape measure, chalk line, spirit level and two wooden stakes. Now let’s get to work.

Start by inserting the wooden stakes at the different ends of the yard. Then attach the line to these stakes, making sure it is secure. Now attach your rope level to the adjusted ropes to determine the area that needs to be filled in your garden. You can also grab your tape measure for extra confirmation of bumpy areas of the yard. Mark those spots and start refueling.

It is often advisable to pull weeds in the marked area for best results. You can apply the topsoil/sand mix we mentioned in the tip above to fill in the holes before leveling with a rake or the bottom of your foot. Leave for about 48 hours to get that perfect level in your garden before replanting your grasses or flowers. Lightly water continuously for about two days to sufficiently hydrate your plants, for example Evergreen Garden Care experts. That’s it, less money, great result.


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