2021 seafood recall: salmonella outbreak traced to northeastern seafood



Northeast Seafood Products, based in Colorado and not in the Northeast, has shut down some of its facilities after being linked to a salmonella outbreak. The CDC says the outbreak has resulted in 102 illnesses and 19 hospitalizations in 14 states. However, almost all of the people who fell ill were in Colorado or had recently traveled to Colorado, where Northeast Seafood is distributed.

The company’s multiple product recall “is the result of multiple positive samples revealed during” a Food & Drug Administration (FDA) inspection, the company said on Oct. 8. It has temporarily closed the production areas of its plant “until the FDA and the company determine that the problem has been corrected.”

The company is recalling the following items: haddock, monkfish, bone-in trout, grouper, red snapper, red cod, perch, Pacific cod, halibut, coho salmon, portions of Atlantic salmon, track snapper, tilapia , all-natural salmon fillet, Pacific sole and farmed striped bass.

All items were distributed from May to October 7 of this year and sold out of the fresh seafood crate in grocery stores or restaurants. These seafood products have been distributed to restaurants as well as Albertsons, Safeway and Sprouts stores throughout Colorado. The only exception is Sprouts Pacific Cod.

If you have any of these fish in your fridge or freezer, we encourage you to return it for a refund and thoroughly clean any areas the fish may have touched.



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