13 photos showing the new sculpture park at Leonardslee Gardens



Leonardslee entrepreneur and owner Penny Streeter OBE hosted the presentation, titled The Walk of Life, featuring over 80 figurative works of Anton Smit, including his colossal heads, female forms and warriors. These are arranged around the grounds and gardens of the 240-acre, Grade 1 listed estate, allowing visitors to explore the extraordinary practice of Smit in the open air.

Penny said, “We try to make sure we’re everything for everyone. It is the most beautiful of all English settings. We hope the schools will come and we will inspire the next generation of sculptures.

She started out penniless, but her career blossomed when she created a medical staffing agency to connect nurses, healthcare workers and doctors with places in need of replacement workers.

And now Penny has bought the Mannings Heath Golf Club and Leonardslee – her son Adam has transformed the latter after years of closure.

She said: “I have to pinch myself. I’m not sure how I got to the right place at the right time.

Penny praised Adam’s hard work in restoring the gardens to their former glory.

She said, “He’s not from a horticultural background. He got there very quickly. He loves these gardens.

“The creation of the sculpture park is an additional commitment from our family to this very special place, and we look forward to hosting presentations from other artists in the years to come.”



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