11 creative DIY garden projects to do this summer


If you have a backyard or a garden in your home, you don’t have to go far in search of a retreat. You can make it your quiet and happy space, especially in the summer when the interior becomes unbearable. And to help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of 11 creative DIY projects in your garden to do this summer.

1. Add light effects to backyard games

For every group of friends or people playing outdoor games, there is always a sore loser who can never quite accept that they have lost. You can make sure they never ask for another catch again by adding battery-operated Christmas lights to the game accessories, so they light up every time someone scores. For example, start by adding LEDs to your cornhole or horseshoe backboard, or basketball hoop, to light up whenever you score. See the detail guide to Instructables for a list of things you will need and all instructions.

For more LED lighting fun, check out our guide to awesome DIY LED projects to try this summer.

2. Motion Activated Sprinkler

Can’t keep neighbors and passers-by away from your manicured garden? Do deer and other local animals continue to defecate on your lawn? If you answered yes to either question, you need a motion activated sprinkler in your life. You can always buy one, but building one is more satisfying, not to mention cost-effective. And building it doesn’t have to be difficult either because it Instructable does a great job of explaining how to make one.

3. DIY Wind Turbine

Got a windy garden? Take the opportunity to build a wind turbine. This will offset your energy expenditure, or you could even harness the electricity it produces and store it in a battery for use in the event of a power outage. Plus, it’s a unique feature in your garden and is sure to fuel conversations about sustainability whenever your guests come by. This turbine is powered by a recycled treadmill motor and includes all parts listed in the Instruction Guide.

If you’re looking for other unusual things to do, check out these tech DIY projects you never thought you’d have to try in 2022.

4. Hi-Tech House for Stray Cats

If you’re a feline person who can’t adopt all the stray animals you come across in your neighborhood, but would like to help them, build and install this high-tech stray house in your backyard. It will shelter them during the hot summer days and keep them warm during the winter as it has a heated pillow and a light. And you don’t even have to interact with stray cats because you can place food there from the comfort of your couch using an Arduino-powered crane.

Find out how to complete this project in the well explained Instructable. While you’re at it, check out some other awesome DIY projects every pet owner should try.

5. Garden enclosures

Whether you entertain a lot on your lawn or enjoy spending time alone in your backyard, a quality outdoor speaker is sure to enhance the experience. You can listen to your favorite playlist from any part of the garden because the sound is well distributed, unlike an indoor speaker, and it makes your meditation sessions even more enjoyable.

Best of all, you don’t have to splurge on high-end models because, as this Instructable, building a garden enclosure is quite simple. Check out these other unique DIY speaker projects you can build at home.

6. No soldering fireflies

Summer isn’t just about sun and surf; it’s also about the beautiful fireflies that come out at the end of the day, brightening up even the dullest evenings. And if you can’t remember the last time you spotted one in your garden, you can always DIY one using LED and Arduino strands to bring their magical allure back to your outdoors. If you can’t weld to save your life, don’t worry because that Instructable includes a DIY fireflies guide that anyone can try.

7. Arduino Gardening

Do your houseplants keep dying because you water them too much? Or do you always forget to water them? Whatever your case, you need this Arduino gardening tool as long as you are a plant lover trying to hydrate your green family.

It has a solenoid that senses and opens whenever soil moisture drops. It is also linked to a gravity irrigation system that automatically waters the plant, saving you effort while keeping your plants alive. Check Instruction guide to see how it’s built.

8. Arduino Backyard Cricket Scorer

Are you looking to improve your cricket game? This Arduino powered cricket scorer is the perfect accessory for you. Using an infrared remote control, it tracks your runs, your passes, the duration of your strike and your running pace. With scores like these, you can quickly identify what you need to improve on, while staying on top of your game. It also comes in handy when playing with your friends and need to track scores.

See how to build it in detail guide to Instructables. To further improve your electronics skills, check out these Arduino Uno project ideas.

9. Automatic garden waterer

Regular watering is the secret to a green and healthy garden, but just like mowing the lawn, the task can quickly become monotonous and tiring. That’s why it’s beneficial to have an automatic garden sprinkler, saving you the effort when you need a break or are away a lot but want to keep your garden or lawn healthy.

While there are plenty of commercial options, this Arduino-powered garden waterer works best. It has a USB port that lets you connect to any power source and customize watering intervals. Check out the instructions on how to do this project easily in detail Instructable.

10. Solar Garden Lights on a Larger Solar System

Do you like spending time in your backyard or garden after the sun goes down during the summer? You’re not alone. Most people find it exciting to get outdoors late when the warmer months set in. And you can make your evenings in the garden more relaxing by adding mood lighting. Build this DIY solar garden light as shown on Instructablesto perfectly illuminate your outdoor spaces at night while reducing utility costs and your carbon footprint.

11. Bright Garden

Do you want to illuminate your garden or backyard so that your artificial lighting blends with natural plants, creating a magical atmosphere? look at this Draft Instructions for a list of supplies and instructions for building a light garden.

Create a magical garden

You don’t have to break the bank to create a magical garden. As the creative DIY projects above prove, simple tweaks go a long way in transforming an ordinary-looking lawn into one that’s cozy and intimate. So have fun creating your magical garden by trying out one of the projects detailed here, or use them as inspiration for your own unique build.


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