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If you’re an entrepreneur who appreciates quality work, getting away from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (or 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.) gives you the opportunity to experience one of the best architectures America has to offer. The nice thing is that great architecture tends to be close to great food and entertainment, making it easy to take your spouse and / or family around. Our top 10 vacation towns for entrepreneurs who love architecture and construction all have a special place in the hearts of our team.

Holiday towns for entrepreneurs who love great architecture and construction

# 10 San Francisco, California

10 Best Vacation Cities for Architecture-loving Entrepreneurs} San Francisco

San Francisco has a few issues to deal with, but once they come together there is some fantastic construction and architecture to check out. The big highlight is the Golden Gate Bridge. There is also an interesting mix of modern and Victorian styles among the residential areas. For the traveling contractor, it’s about seeing how builders deal with difficult geology, elevation changes, and the potential for worthy earthquakes.

# 9 Chicago, Illinois

10 Best Vacation Cities For Architecture Loving Entrepreneurs  Chicago

Another city that has some problems, Chicago is fascinating as an architectural destination. Skyscrapers dominate the city center. Although many are modern and reach the peaks, some of the original skyscrapers are worth browsing and researching. There are still several pre-1900 designs, including the DeWare Building (1862), the Rookery (1886), and the Second Letter (1889).

I recommend a walk along the river to the lake if the weather is nice. Just be sure to take a jacket – I was walking on a calm, clear 80 degree day, and within 15 minutes clouds had passed through the skyscrapers, the temperature had dropped below 60 ° and the wind was blowing. mounted at 25 MPH!

# 8 Las Vegas, Nevada

10 Best Vacation Cities For Architecture Loving Entrepreneurs  Las Vegas

If you love to gamble and love a party that never ends, Las Vegas must be on your list. Although the architecture is newer than some of the cities on our list, it is absolutely amazing! Where else are you going to find a pyramid in the desert without going to Egypt? Be sure to take a peek inside the Venetian and step into the Garden of Venus at Caesar’s Palace to be in awe of how his building’s design muffles the sounds of the city.

# 7 New York, New York

10 Best Vacation Cities For Architecture Loving Entrepreneurs  New York

There is no doubt that skyscraper enthusiasts must visit New York at some point. With some of the oldest and newer skyscrapers (along with others in development), it’s a testament to the ingenuity, bravery and perseverance of the builders. Not only is it iconic of American architecture, but there is also an extremely diverse group of people who made it possible, from the design and foundation to the metal framing and the first breaker flip.

# 6 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

10 Best Vacation Cities For Architecture Loving Entrepreneurs  Philly

If your love for construction and architecture includes an affection for history, Philadelphia is a great destination. Similar to San Fransisco, there is a mix of modern and Victorian styles with the classic English row building style (AKA Philadelphia rows). Be sure to book your stay at the Loews Hotel, located just steps from the impressive Philadelphia City Hall. Both will make your builder’s heart beat faster.

# 5 St. Augustine, Florida

While much of downtown has a touristy / theme park feel, St. Augustine is the oldest city in the United States and has the oldest masonry fort in the country. The Castillo de San Marcos began its construction in 1672 and has played a big role in our history. There’s a lot to see from the outside for free, but it’s worth the $ 15 entrance fee to get a better look at the limestone construction of the coquina and read the history. Children under 15 are free with adult admission.

# 4 New Orleans, Louisiana

Despite the annual threats of hurricanes, New Orleans is rebuilding and restoring in a way that showcases its rich French, Spanish, Creole and Caribbean heritage in the design and colors of its buildings. The downtown French Quarter is a must-see before heading to the Garden District to check out New Orleans’ impressive collection of Antebellum designs as well as mansions built with Greek Revival and Georgian architecture.

# 3 Cape Elizabeth, Maine

If you are looking for impressive constructions, a trip to the northeast for a flagship road trip is well worth your time. At the top of our list is the Portland Head Lighthouse at Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth. This is the classic location of a steep rock outcrop set on 90 acres with a beautiful house and adjoining caretaker’s quarters. Part of the lighthouse’s age and history is fascinating – it was built in 1787 for just $ 750.

The site is open year round from sunrise to sunset and it’s worth being there for sunrise.

# 2 Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina is an iconic and idyllic example of what coastal building should be like. Similar to the sections of New Orleans, there is a healthy influence of Antebellum design mixed with other styles of the late 1800s. As you walk or drive through town you will notice the wide array of Victorian architectures and Greek Revival alongside Georgian, Federal and even Italian architecture.

Be sure to take the time to stroll along the waterfront where you can see some of the classic 19th century southern mansions along Battery Row.

# 1 Washington, DC

There is perhaps no greater city for the architecture of buildings and monuments than Washington, DC. The entire city center is full of some of the finest works of its time. Even the layout of the city and its streets deserves to be studied. And why not? It was and is the capital of our country and a symbol of the freedoms we enjoy.

Bonus: Lakeland, Florida

Besides the fact that PTR is headquartered in Lakeland, we also have the largest collection of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture at South Florida College. Most are still in use. From the Annie Pheiffer Chapel to the Water Dome and Esplanades, this is a must-do trip for Wright fans.

While you’re here, knock Palace Pizza downtown for the best pizzas and Italian dishes that locals line up for or give nineteen61 a hit if you are looking for something more formal and upscale. Be sure to take the time to walk around our downtown lakes and drive to Circle B bar reserve see some of Florida’s famous alligators.

What is your main travel destination? Let us know in the comments below!

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